Start Your Own Tax Business (NATIONWIDE)

tax-officeAmeriTAX Office Solutions will assist you with everything you need and will need to do to start a successful Tax Preparation Office or grow an existing Tax Preparation Business anywhere in the U.S.

We offer a number of Business Packages that include Tax Business Set-up, Industry leading Tax Software, Marketing, Top Quality Training & Year-Round Support.

1. Become an ERO (Electronic Return Originator)
AOS will assist you with registering with the IRS to obtain an EFIN (Electronic Filing Identification Number) An EFIN is a number assigned by the IRS to an individual admitting that person into IRS e-file and authorizing that individual to electronically file tax returns. Although there is no cost, the application process will require you to submit your fingerprints and agree to a background check. The process can take up to 2 weeks and involves fingerprint submission. Depending on the package you sign up for with AOS you may not need a EFIN.

A PTIN is an unique identification code all paid tax return preparers must use on U.S. federal tax returns submitted to the Internal Revenue Service on behalf of others. You and each person that will be preparing taxes in your business must have a PTIN number (Preparer Tax Identification Number) that will require an IRS registration process and fee of $50. Each year you’ll renew your PTIN.

Determine which of our Software Packages will best suit you and your business. AOS provides to you State of the art leading professional Tax Preparation Software along with specialized training and year-round support from our highly trained experts.

4. YOUR LOCATION (rather from home or a retail store front location)taxes
You will need to select a site, and hire staff for your office. AOS business model is geared toward the lower to median income taxpayer demographic. If you are going to open a retail storefront Your location should have lots of windows, be clearly visible from the street with plenty of space for large signs or banners. It should not be located within an office building or on a second level. Ideally it should have ample parking (densely populated urban areas with high foot-traffic are an exception). The amount of preparers will be directly related to the amount of clients you expect to handle during the peak of the season, once the peak is over you will reduce the amount of preparers. The average amount of returns performed by a single preparer is 1 every 30 minutes; in a 10 hour day one person will be able to do at least 20 returns.  AOS will assist you with marketing analysis and territory tax data to evaluate your potential and strategy. The wrong location could result in the failure of your tax business. We have access to tax office, zip code-specific data, we know the best places to start a successful tax office, our trained professionals will do a IRS Market Analysis and share that information with you.

You will need for your Tax Office: One main desk computer with enough capacity to become the server for your business and a good laser printer. Each preparer should have a workstation with a computer (or laptop) and a desk, a high capacity shredder, office equipment & furniture.

This kind of business is more about location and marketing than it is about taxes. The software will do the taxes; however, you must do all that you can to drive traffic to your location(s) and that’s the key to success. You must know your community and it will help a lot to have an idea of how many returns have been filed in the past; this information will give you an idea how to attack the market. AOS will assign a Trained Professional to you that will help you, and walk you through the development of your strategy to penetrate the market in your area..